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Premium Delta 8 THC Gummies - Waco Hemp Farm - Sour Blue Rasberry D8 THC Gummy

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Warning; Waco Hemp Farm Delta 8 THC gummies may cause drowsiness and have similar affects as delta 9 thc. Use caution when driving a motor vehicle or operating machinery. Keep out of reach of children. 21+

Available as a 2 pack, 5 pack, 10 pack or 30 pack!

Premium Sour Blue Raspberry Gummies.

Serving size is a half gummy.

Waco Hemp Farm D8 gummies showcase a sour blue raspberry flavor and are hemp derived.

Each premium gummy contains 25 mg of premium hemp derived Delta 8 THC Gold Distillate.

Waco Hemp Farm gummies offer a potent one of a kind experience!

Made in the USA from USA grown hemp and always 3rd party lab tested.

Manufactured for Waco Hemp Farm.